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online networking essay - E ver since the creation of the...

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Ever since the creation of the first social networking website, communications over the internet have reached across the globe, allowing users to communicate with each other through different types of sites. The social networking sites seem to be perfectly harmless, however they are the perfect medium for malicious individuals and effects to cause harm to their users. Social networking sites have allowed sexual predators to contact potential victims, invasion of privacy, and a decline in academic and social productivity of teens and adults. Every day as Chris Hanson of Dateline NBC drives into work, I’m sure he curses the name of the internet and his job where he has to deal with pedophiles lured out of internet sites. This is a perfect example of sexual predators lurking behind the computer screen waiting for prey to take their bait. Sometimes these encounters may end horribly, with rape and even murder. There have been many cases of unsuspecting children being lured out by predators over the internet. There are as well invasions of privacy, as users of social
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online networking essay - E ver since the creation of the...

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