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speech outline - because of our dependence on luxuries If...

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Into: Thesis: we must abolish our need for luxuries and learn to live without them. - All luxuries come at a hefty price: real happiness - What used to be considered luxuries in the past have become necessities in the presnt. - We rely today on things that we don’t need to rely on, and we’re more reliant on more things, we’re relying on things that we don’t need to rely on. Being reliant on more things than we need to means there’s more things that could disappoint us. - Luxuries add extra responsibilities which results in more melancholic feelings and stress than is necessary. - Our forefathers’ only worry was survival; food, water and shelter. Now that we’ve “improved” our lives we have so many other things to worry about (bills, ect….) 1 st argument: We burn thourgh our resources that are essential for our survival faster than we need to,
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Unformatted text preview: because of our dependence on luxuries. If we didn’t have such a high dependence on cars, we wouldn’t pollute our precious environment. 2 nd argument: You change your values the more you depend on luxuries, you focus your mental energy on materialistic goods, and you don’t appreciate the non materialistic joys of life. You don’t stop to reflect on life and instead you spend all your time on luxuries. 3 rd argument: The more you rely on things outside yourself, the less independent you become. Feelings that are generated from external objects are very shallow, and don’t last for very long, therefore you have to have more of that object to enjoy more of the stimulant it provides....
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