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A key factor in human survival was our ability to communicate in many different ways. As social beings, humans have structured their whole lives around each other, which makes it necessary to communicate in order to be able to survive. In fact, it’s become clear that there is a direct relationship between being able to communicate effectively and success. The foundations of technology and modern life lie in the inventions that allowed humans to communicate more efficiently, and now on a massive scale; known as the internet. The World Wide Web, allows anyone in the world that has access to a computer to retrieve
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Unformatted text preview: information that anyone else decides to post up. This means that the internet serves as everything from group therapy to a medium for businesses to thrive. The sophisticated database of the internet has transformed modern life in a way where the illusion of euphoria overshadows it’s negative effects; very rarely, in the midst of joyful web surfing does anyone stop and ponder the toll computers take on them. The internet has subtly encouraged criminal activity, invasion of privacy, and deprivation of social contact in its users....
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