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Unsportsman like Conduct

Unsportsman like Conduct - starts from describing the...

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Unsportsman like Conduct 1. Humans still get entertainment out of violence even though we consider to be more civilized now than we were before; there isn’t much difference between watching gladiators kill each other than watching dogs fight to the death. 2. The first paragraph is effective because it uses contemporary issues to grab the reader’s attention, states the thesis, and gives a bit of insight on the subject. 3. This is a chunk comparison, the comparison is given with all of the gladiator information first, and then related to the dog fighting information second. The similarities are then brought together with the conclusion where the author states that there is no difference between what Michael Vick did and what the Romans used to do with gladiators. 4. In any given paragraph, the writer starts from a very general subject and moves on to specify the relation of the general subject to the thesis of the essay. For example, the first paragraph
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Unformatted text preview: starts from describing the violence seen in the world daily and moving on to describe the specific subject that violence runs in our blood. 5. The writer’s tone is bitter and judgmental, the writer is bitter towards violence and he is judgmental of the actions of humans in the past and of Michael Vick. 6. The picture supports the thesis by showing the football player leaning on his car dressed in expensive clothes holding the leash of an angry looking dog, which is symbolism for angry dogs being controlled by humans. 7. Analogy: The forced fighting of the dogs for human enjoyment is an analogy to the gladiators being forced to fight by the Roman slave owners. Historical Reference: the Roman gladiator fights to the death with thousands of people watching. Verifiable fact: Vick’s $100 million fortune....
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  • Spring '10
  • WilliamPietro
  • Gladiator, Michael Vick, general subject, Roman gladiator fights, angry looking dog, Roman slave owners

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