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What do you want to be (assignment 2)

What do you want to be (assignment 2) - “What do you want...

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Unformatted text preview: “What do you want to be? And, what are your goals for your future?” I t’s a question we’re asked often, from our parents, guardians, and elders. As our m inds develop are goals for our future-near or far- alters. During our childhood, we have the i dea of becoming cops, action figure heroes, teachers, pilots, doctors, and much more. The more advanced the human brain gets from knowledge of the society and i ts needs, the goals we’ve fantasized become limited. The dreams I had for my future were slowly one by one eliminated as the years went by. My choice of becoming a pilot for years just changed r ecently, within the past few months. I t wasn’t just a dream, but a dream in which I touched u pon, and pursued. I was able to experience the world in the eyes of a pilot, 8,000ft above earth surface. Yet, the commence of my grade 12 year, put an end to my pilot career, and opened a new door for me. As of November 6th 2011, I will be an undergraduate student in t he field of kinesiology at York University. Currently, (November 6th 2010) undergoing my g rade 12 year I’m focusing on maintaining my average above 90%, so I can be offered the f ull scholarship from my desired university. This will allow me to save a t remendous amount of money, which I can use for t imes of need. Pursuing and finishing my u ndergraduate degree, I’ve planned to apply to a medical school. With an additional 4 years on top of my undergraduate degree, I will hopefully become a physician. One may think 8 years may be a long time from now, however, i t just feels like yesterday, that I was in k indergarten. Thus, these 8 years will speed by like a lightning rod. WAIT! I won’t be done s tudying yet. I’ve planned and hopefully will get my private pilot’s licence after my degree i n dentistry. By then I will have accomplished my realistic and desired goals. Being a dentist on weekdays, and being a f l ight instructor on weekends, gives me the spiri t and joy t o want to live every second of my life and that’s all that matters to me. ...
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