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Louis Riel, Hero or Menace Louis Riel is the founder of Manitoba, the saviour of the Metis people. He protected the rights of the Metis people. When the Hudson bay’s company sold their land to the government, and people started to stake claims to their land as if the Metis didn’t exist. Louis Riel was elected the leader of the Metis people and he knew that as the leader of the Metis people, if he didn’t do anything, nobody would and they would just have to watch as their land got taken away. So he tried sending letters to Ottawa and tried to get them to protect the Metis’ land and rights. But they were ignored just as they’d been when Europeans were taking their land. So Louis Riel did what every good leader should have done, he made sure that the voice of his people were heard. He took over fort Garry, and demanded that Ottawa would give his peoples’ land and rights back. He sent many letters to
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