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Chineese doctors have removed a 2 inch long bullet from a woman’s head after 64 years. The Japanese imperial army shot the woman 64 years ago. Jin Guangying, 77 years old, was in excellent shape after the 4 hour operation on her skull. The doctor that preformed the operation said that it was by pure luck that she survived a bullet in the head. Jin Guangying was shot back in 1943, while she was delivering food to her father. The Japanese had invaded that area in 1937.
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Unformatted text preview: She survived under her familys care and was never taken to the hospital. The bullet was not undetected for 64 years. After she started having lots of headaches, she had an x-ray of her skull and the 2 inch bullet was found. "The operation went smoothly and actually was not that hard, even though she is 77 years old," Zhou her doctor said. After the surgery, She went back to living in the village where she was shot....
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