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Product Selection If you’re looking for an mp3 player with good battery life, lots of space and a good price, the 30GB ipod video is the way to go. The ipod video is apple’s best ipod yet, using a hard drive not flash, letting it have an enormous 30GB memory space. With a 2.5 inch screen and a 5 hour battery life playing only video. The ipod video comes with a price tag of about $200 which is great for a 30GB mp3 player. Not only does it have a big screen and hard drive and a great price, the ipod has lots of accessories so you can enjoy your ipod even more. You can watch your downloaded videos and listen to your favourite songs. The back of the ipod is made of metal so it can get scratched
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Unformatted text preview: easily. It has a touch sensitive wheel that you can use to scroll across your songs and videos. The 2.5 inch screen is more than big enough to watch videos, it is equivalent to watching a 12 inch tv from 10 feet away, so you wont need a tv in your room. The only bad thing about the ipod video is that it sometimes laggs when switching from one video to another, but when the video starts playing there’s no problem. It has a very bright and high resolution screen with 260,000 colour screen so your videos wont be grainy and will be enjoyable to watch. Overall, the ipod is a great mp3/video player with a price tag of $200, only $50 more than the 2GB ipod nano. 9/10...
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