product test write up

product test write up - IPOD SHUFFLE price $100 The good...

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IPOD SHUFFLE: price: $100 The good: tiny, comes with cradle, comes in different colours, easy to use, can be used as a memory stick, has good battery life. The bad: fragile clip, no screen, no extra features, no radio, relatively expensive for such a simple mp3 player, uses itunes which can be annoying at times, bad sound quality. pod’s new mp3 player, the 2 nd generation ipod shuffle, is possibly the worst apple product you can find. It is very expensive for what you get, it is tiny, easily breakable, and it has no screen. The 1G-mp3 player is a tiny mp3 player but it has a good battery life. It’s sound quality isn’t great and it is relatively expensive for the things you get. You can get a much better mp3 player with a screen for the same price range. The clip on the back used to clip onto your shirt, tie, ect is very easy to break. As the name suggests, the ipod shuffle will shuffle your songs up. On the bottom, there is a button that you can switch between shuffle and normal. In shuffle mode, the ipod will shuffle your
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product test write up - IPOD SHUFFLE price $100 The good...

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