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Speak Out AMANDA HUGGINKIS : Dear Teen products magazine, I recently bought an ipod but I lost the cd and my ipod won’t work without it and I can’t put any new music in it. Do I have to buy a new ipod? Dear Amanda hugginkis: There is no need to buy a new ipod. The program you are looking for is itunes. You can download the software from free from the apple website or you can download itunes from www.download.com ADIDAS: I bought a new cell phone with a 4GB sd card. When I put the computer. Dear ADIDAS: Your cell phone can’t handle a 4GB sd card and your computer can, that is why it says that it isnt’ compatible. You have to change your sd card for another one with less memory. You should check what the biggest sd card that your camera can handle is. MR.DEEDS: I am thinking about buying a camcorder but I don’t know if I should buy a HDD or a mini dvd camera. Dear MR.DEEDS: if you want to buy a camera, if you want a
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Unformatted text preview: lot of memory, better picture quality, lots of recording time, you should go with a HDD (hard drive) camera. They usually come with 30GB-60GBwhich gives you 15-30 hours best quality. When you record your videos, all you have to do is connect it to a computer and put a blank dvd in your dvd writer and burn the dvds. But they are more pricey than the mini dvd cameras. If you want a faster, easier to use camera that lets you burn your movies onto a disk right away, the mini dvds for you. The mini dvd lets you record your movies directly onto a mini dvd and after youre finished filming, you can take out the disk, put it in a dvd player and watch. The mini dvd camcorders are cheaper than the HDD but each mini dvd costs about $8(for 30 minute) where as normal dvds for HDD camcorders cost less than 50 cents each (60minutes)....
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