Genetics syllabus - BIOL3301 Classical and Molecular...

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Course BIOL3301 Classical and Molecular Genetics; BIOL 3101 Workshop, Classical and Molecular Genetics Professor Irina Borovkov, PhD Term Summer 2011 May 23rd – August 10th Meetings MWF 10:00 -11:15 am in SOM2.106 Workshop: Tuesday or Thursday 10:00 - 11:20 am at TBD Professor’s Contact Information Office Phone 972 883 -6895 Office Location SLC2.408 Email Address Office Hours Wednesday 12:00 -2:00 pm; or by appointment Other Information The best way to reach me is by e-mail addresses above Graduate TAs: Day of week Section # TA's name TA's e-mail Tuesday 081 Thursday 082 General Course Information Pre-requisites, Co- requisites, & other restrictions BIOL2311 Introduction to Modern Biology I BIOL2281 Introductory Biology Laboratory CHEM2323 Introductory Organic Chemistry I. Co-requisite: concurrent enrollment in BIO 3101 Course Description BIOL3301 Classical and Molecular Genetics (3 semester hours). The phenomenon of heredity, its cytological and molecular basis; gene expression and transfer of genetic information. With major focus on bacterial and model eukaryotic systems; genetic recombination and chromosome mapping; mutations and mutagenesis; gene interactions; application of recombinant DNA techniques to genetic analysis. Learning Outcomes Upon completing this course, students will: 1. Be able to discuss basic and more advanced areas of transmission and molecular genetics. 2. Be able to apply this knowledge to real-world problem solving in transmission and molecular genetics. 3. Begin to appreciate the intimate relationship between the various sciences (e.g., genetics and biochemistry) that lead to a more complete understanding of various biological problems through reading science material and by participating in discussions Required Texts & Materials Russel, P. J. iGenetics: a Mendelian Approach (2006). Pearson Education/Benjamin Cummings (pub.) ISBN 0-8053-4666-X Suggested: Russel, P. J. and Chase, B . Study Guide and Solutions Manual for iGenetics: a Mendelian Approach (2006). Pearson Education/ Benjamin Cummings (pub.) ISBN 0-8053-4675-9 Suggested Texts, Readings, & Materials Edward Edelson, Mendel and The Roots of Genetics, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-512226-7 Philip R.Reilly, Abraham's Lincoln DNA and Other Adventures In Genetics, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, ISBN 0-87969-580-3 Zahlen, Doris. Does It Run In The Family? Rutgers University Press, ISBN 0-
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: Date Lecture Topic Chapter Quiz Homework May 23 M Mitosis 3 May 25,W Meiosis 3 May 27, F Mendelian Genetics monohybrid cross, dihybrid cross 2 May 30 M No class June 1 W Mendelian Genetics Extensions 4 Quiz 1 Mitosis, meiosis June 3 F Mendelian Genetics Extensions: Gene interactions 4 June 6 M Chromosomal theory of inheritance. Sex chromosomes 3 Quiz 2 Genetics, mono- dihybrid Homework1 mitosis, meiosis due June 8 W Human Genetics June 10 F Problems solving June 13 M Linkage and chromosome mapping 6 Quiz 3 Extensions,Hum
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Genetics syllabus - BIOL3301 Classical and Molecular...

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