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Organic Chem Lab Syllabus - SYLLABUS1 CHEM 2125 ORGANIC...

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SYLLABUS 1 CHEM 2125 – ORGANIC CHEMISTRY LABORATORY II Summer 2011 Professor: Dr. Sergio Cortes Office : SLC 3.509 Phone : 972-883-6801 Hours : TBA Email : [email protected] Website : utdallas.edu/~scortes/ochem COURSE PREREQUISITES: Organic Chemistry I (lecture and laboratory) and associated prerequisites COURSE COREQUISITES: Organic Chemistry II COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is designed to provide the skills necessary to conceptualize, design, and execute organic experiments with an emphasis on syntheses. Students gain exposure to representative types of organic transformations and mechanisms, spectroscopy and structure determination, and the use of the chemical literature. Correlation with the lecture course is adequate, but practical factors prevent full overlap. LEARNING OBJECTIVES AND OUTCOMES Learn to use the organic chemistry literature & scientific databases for research. Perform representative reaction types, either in isolation or as part of a synthesis. These include, but are not limited to, oxidations, reductions, aromatic substitutions, and select name reactions. Use spectroscopic techniques such as IR and NMR to characterize organic substances. TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS TEXTBOOK : Pavia, Lampman, Kriz, and Engel. Introduction to Organic Laboratory Techniques: A Microscale Approach. 4th ed . Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2007. SUPPLIES – The combination padlock is required for check-in, so it must be obtained by the check-in date (see schedule on the next page). The rest of the supplies must be obtained by the date of the first experiment. The notebook can be obtained from the on/off-campus bookstores. Safety glasses can be obtained from the bookstores or from the Chemistry Student Association, room BE 3.518 (about $5). COMBINATION PADLOCK for your drawer. Only one per group is required. HARDBOUND NOTEBOOK with duplicate sheets (carbon copies) APPROVED SAFETY GLASSES: Must have the Z87 code engraved on them. The spectacle type is recommended over the goggle type . Spectacles look like regular glasses, are comfortable, and can be worn over prescription glasses. Goggles are uncomfortable , promote sweating, and fog up, thereby impairing vision. For more details go to the CNA services website. DISHWASHING GLOVES: Can be obtained at any store. PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: A lab coat is strongly recommended . Coats can be obtained at retail outlets such as Sears, and at most uniform and medical supplies stores (scrubs are OK too). ITEMS OF PERSONAL USE (one per group): Towel, sponge pack for cleaning, tweezers, marker or pen, and masking tape for labeling. 1   The descriptions and timelines presented in this syllabus are subject to change at the discretion of the Professor. Course Syllabus Page 1
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CLASS SCHEDULE – Org. Lab II – Summer 2011 Detailed descriptions follow below the table DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS, READINGS, & ASSIGNMENTS INTRODUCTION – Course preview and general information.
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