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Course Syllabus Page 1 COURSE SYLLABUS 1 CHEM 2325 – ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II Summer 2011 Professor: Dr. Sergio Cortes Office : SLC 3.509 Phone : 972-883-6801 Email : [email protected] Website : Hours : TBA PREREQUISITES General Chemistry I and II or equivalent (lecture and laboratory) Organic chemistry I (lecture and laboratory) DESCRIPTION This course is a continuation of first semester organic chemistry. The focus is on specific functional group chemistry, organic synthesis, and instrumental techniques for structure determination such as NMR and IR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. LEARNING OBJECTIVES & OUTCOMES Acquire a unified understanding of the various functional groups and their chemistry Understand the relationships between molecular structure and spectroscopic features, and use this knowledge effectively in structure determination Develop a strong mechanistic base for understanding organic reactions Apply the above skills in the effective planning and execution of synthetic schemes Obtain preparation for advanced courses, research, and successful performance in standardized tests where organic chemistry is a prominent component REQUIRED TEXTBOOK – L.G. Wade, Jr. Organic Chemistry . 7th. ed. RECOMMENDED MATERIALS 1. Solutions Manual The solutions manual to the Wade textbook contains the answers to all the problems in the textbook. Therefore it is strongly recommended. You might find it cost-effective to form a group of students and buy one copy for the group, since you won’t need it as regularly as the textbook. 2. Reference textbooks (prices quoted are current as of May 2011). Organic Chemistry I as a Second Language by David R. Klein. A more in-depth discussion of basic principles such as resonance structures, use of curved arrows, orbital hybridizations, etc. About $30 at Amazon. Organic Chemistry II as a Second Language by David R. Klein. Coverage of typical concepts presented in organic chemistry II courses. About $28 at Amazon. The Nuts and Bolts of Organic Chemistry by Joel Karty. About $43 new at Amazon affiliated sellers. 1 The descriptions and timelines presented in this syllabus are subject to change at the discretion of the professor.
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Course Syllabus Page 2 LECTURE AND TESTS SCHEDULE MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY May 23 May 25 May 27 Intro & Review Ch. 10 Ch. 11: Reactions of Alcohols May 30 June 1 June 3 NO CLASS Ch. 12: IR Spectroscopy Ch. 12: Mass Spectrometry June 6 June 8 June 10 Ch. 13 Proton NMR 1 Ch. 13 Proton NMR 2 Ch. 13 Carbon NMR June 13 June 15 June 17 Ch. 14: Ethers Ch. 15: Conjugated Systems June 20 June 22 June 24 TEST 1 on ch. 10-13 Ch. 16: Aromatic Systems June 27 June 29 July 1 Ch. 16 (continued) Ch. 17: Reactions of Aromatic Compounds July 4 July 6 July 8 NO CLASS Ch. 17 (continued) Ch. 18: Ketones & Aldehydes July 11 July 13 July 15 TEST 2 on ch. 14-17 Ch. 18 (continued) July 18 July 20 July 22 Ch. 19: Amines Ch. 20: Carboxylic Acids July 25 July 27 July 29 Ch. 21: Carboxylic Acid Derivatives August 1 TEST 3 on ch. 18-21 FINAL GRADE CALCULATION
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Organic Chem Syllabus - COURSE SYLLABUS 1 CHEM 2325 ORGANIC...

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