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University of Wollongong School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics Information Sheet for Mathematics for Cryptography INFO412/912 Autumn Session 2009 Wollongong Campus Subject Coordinator and Lecturer: Associate Professor Peter Nickolas, Room 15.232 Email: Phone: (02) 4221 3856 Consultation: Tues. 11.30–1.30, Fri. 9.30–11.30 Lecturer: Professor Martin Bunder, Room 15.127 Email: Phone: (02) 4221 4151 Consultation: Wed. 11.30–12.30, Thurs. 2.00–3.00 Subject Prerequisites: None . Assumed Knowledge: Some mathematical or computing ability should have been demonstrated at least at 200 level. In particular any experience with logic and/or number theory will be helpful This information sheet must be read in conjunction with the general information on educational issues and student matters provided in the document “Policies and Services of the University, Faculty and School” published by the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics. A copy may be obtained from the subject coordinator or at . Topics, Outline and Lecturers Number Theory and Algebra (Peter Nickolas): . Properties of prime numbers, congruences and residues. . Solution of linear and polynomial congruences. . Application to the RSA Cryptosystem. . Discrete logarithms. . Application to the El Gamal Cryptosystem. . Fields and Elliptic Curves. . Application to Polly Cracker Cryptosystems. . The Merkle-Hellman Cryptosystem. . The Rabin Cryptosystem Logic (Martin Bunder): . Truth tables and tautologies. . Applications to circuit theory and logic design. . Predicate logic notation. . Axiomatic propositional and predicate logic. . Some non-classical logics. . Interpretations. . Applications to program verification. Textbook and Reference Books Text: There is no assigned text for this subject. References: There are many excellent books in the library which deal with Number Theory, Cryptography and Logic. Some of them are listed on the web-site for this subject and some have been placed on short loan in the Library. These lists are recommended, but are not intended to be an exhaustive list. You are encouraged to use the Library catalogue and databases to locate additional readings with similar titles and contents. A search on topics such as Number Theory or Elementary Logic is suggested. You are not required to purchase reference books. Notices
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INFO412_09 - University of Wollongong School of Mathematics...

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