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hw6_810_ss11 - sition from all codewords of C The code SD...

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Math 810, Spring 2011 – HW 6 Due Wednesday, 27 April 2011 1. Let C and D be linear codes over the field F with C = D . Let PC be the code C punctured at its last coordinate position, and let SD be the code D shortened at its last coordinate position. Prove that PC = SD . Remark. The code PC is constructed by deleting the last coordinate po-
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Unformatted text preview: sition from all codewords of C . The code SD is constructed by first selecting only those codewords of D that end in 0, and then deleting from these that final 0 position. 2. Problem 7.2.3(a) from the Notes . 3. Problem 8.1.3 from the Notes . 4. Problem 8.1.4 from the Notes ....
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