ch13 - ch13 Student 1 Most oral contracts are invalid True...

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ch13 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Most oral contracts are invalid. True False 2. The Statute of Frauds was enacted by the British Parliament to prevent perjury. True False 3. The U.S. version of the Statute of Frauds is federal law. True False 4. Oscar orally contracts to purchase an old house. He puts on a new roof and paints it. Oscar cannot enforce his oral contract. True False 5. Jennifer orally contracts to purchase a television for $450. This contract is legally enforceable. True False 6. The administrator of an estate is named by the court. True False 7. The person to whom a cosigner makes a promise is the obligee. True False 8. The standard construction rule is the most fundamental guideline involved in the interpretation of written contracts. True False 9. Under the parol evidence rule, evidence of oral statements made before signing a written agreement is usually not admissible in court to change the terms of a written agreement. True False 10. Oral evidence cannot be used to clarify terms that are obscure in a written contract. True False 11. Charles only has a photocopy of his written contract with Jennifer and not the original. The photocopy is generally acceptable evidence in a trial concerning the contract. True False
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12. The equal dignities rule provides that when a party appoints an agent to negotiate an agreement that must be in writing, the appointment of the agent must also be in writing. True False 13. It is necessary for written agreements to always be signed by both parties. True False 14. Facsimile signatures are as valid as original signatures in all states. True False 15. A notary is not authorized to read the document when providing acknowledgment of a signature. True False 16. Alice's attorney is preparing her will. Witnesses are required when Alice signs her will. True False 17. A certification authority provides digital signatures. True False 18. One problem with the click-on process is that it functions for online contracts, but not for online advertisements. True False 19. The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act creates a new set of legal rules governing electronic contracts. True False 20. The FACT focuses on contracts that involve the sale of computer software, multimedia products and any other type of computer information. True False 21. Rose puts up a fence on what she believes to be the boundary of her yard. Her neighbor, Sandy, says that Rose has placed the fence several inches into his property. He says he will not sue Rose if she pays him $4,000. Rose orally agrees to pay him the money, writes him a check for $2,000 and says she will pay him the rest the following week. Which of the following statements is true? A. Because of their oral agreement, under the Statute of Frauds, Rose is legally obligated to pay the
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ch13 - ch13 Student 1 Most oral contracts are invalid True...

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