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UCC brown ch5 test bank - ch5 Student 1 The federal...

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ch5 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. The federal government has express constitutional authority to enact criminal law statutes. True False 2. A felony is a crime punishable by death/imprisonment in a federal/state prison for a term exceeding one year. True False 3. Under American law, a crime cannot be committed unless some act has occurred. True False 4. Two friends decide to play a paintball game on the sidewalk. When a paintball shot hits a walker in the eye, the friends have acted with recklessness. True False 5. An individual cannot be convicted for a criminal act unless it is proved that he/she had an evil motive for committing the crime. True False 6. Experts who believe in deterrence say that the criminal process should be presented in a public way so that the public will learn the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior. True False 7. Alfred drives his car very fast in a school zone when the school is releasing students at the end of the school day. A student dies when he is hit by Alfred's car. Alfred has committed involuntary manslaughter. True False 8. A doctor who injects an antibiotic into a patient's arm without his/her consent may be liable for battery. True False 9. Gabriel points a gun at a store clerk to frighten the clerk. Gabriel has committed simple assault. True False 10. Entry through an open door or a window establishes the act of burglary. True False
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11. Francis has many traffic tickets and fears that her license will be suspended if she gets another traffic ticket. When stopped for speeding, she hands over her license to the police officer with a $100 bill clipped to the license. Francis has committed bribery. True False 12. The RICO Act covers only serious crimes such as arson and robbery. True False 13. Sherlock threatens to use his computer skills to shut down the computers of Alpha Corp. unless he is paid money. Sherlock has committed cyber-terrorism. True False 14. The Unlawful Access to Stored Communications Act expressly protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of voice mail transmissions when they are stored electronically. True False 15. The American Law Institute's insanity test is also known as the irresistible impulse test. True False 16. People found not guilty by reason of insanity automatically go free. True False 17. If a law enforcement officer induces a law-abiding citizen to commit a crime, entrapment may be used as a defense. True False 18. If Susan is attacked inside her house, she need not run outside if she is able to use self-defense. True False 19. That Patricia mistakenly believes she could personally hold a Lottery to raise money for her favorite charity would be a defense to being prosecuted for unlawful gambling. True False
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UCC brown ch5 test bank - ch5 Student 1 The federal...

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