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Chapter 13 22:22 - . Summary p 450 The increased use of sourcing has dramatically changed the way products are , , . developed produced and distributed . Companies must make many decisions when developing a sourcing strategy . Product developers must decide what functions they want to source o , ( ) They may choose to cut make and trim CMT sourcing domestically or . offshore o - They may opt to use Full Package sourcing either here or abroad giving their sourcing partners responsibility for sourcing fabrics and . patternmaking Offshore sourcing is regulated by a combination of international and domestic trade rules - The World Trade Organization was set up to develop and implement multi lateral trade policies governing the trade of all products between its . members o The United states and EU are among those that have negotiated . continued quota limits on selected product categories , Historically tariffs and quotas have been used to level the playing field between developed and developing countries in the production of textile and apparel . products The use of tariffs and quotas helps to lessen the impact of low wages paid in . developing countries - , In anticipation of quota free global marketplace neighboring countries have been motivated to develop regional trading blocs that simplify trade between member . nations The goal of these regional trade blocs is to develop loyal partnerships with . countries that share strategic goals The United States is a part of the North American Free Trade Agreement ( ) ( ), NAFTA and the African Growth Opportunity Agreement AGOA and has bilateral agreements with numerous nations that grant liberalized trade . benefits usually in the form of reduced tariffs The European Union represents European countries that negotiate trade agreements as a bloc and enable free trade internally between nations
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In addition to considering trade agreements and rules that determine tariff and , duty levels a product developer must evaluate potential sourcing partners in terms of the economic and political stability of the country where they are , , , , , located infrastructure production costs production quality production capabilities , , . ability to respond working conditions and channels of communications These considerations must be discussed throughout the product development
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HUEC3032Final - Chapter 13 22:22 Summary p 450 The...

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