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Mass Comm Final

Mass Comm Final - these because they don’t show or say...

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Theater Final 04:25 Colonists were angry about taxes and decided to boycott to attract attention by  throwing many crates of tea into the harbor. PT Barnum was big on hoaxes Edward Bernays was considered the father of PR  Focus groups trying to bring people in to talk about a particular issue, discussing  what’s right or wrong, affective  -You can get a lot of info by calling people, look through newspapers to find out  what people are talking about and focus groups. -Video news release-when comp produces a segment or package and makes it  look like its coming from a regular news station. As news stations get squeezed  you see more and more get run over as regular news segments. You can tell 
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Unformatted text preview: these because they don’t show or say where they are from like abc,etc. IMC- saves money but you also don’t have that diversity. Viral marketing-if you have a great movie or ad instead of spending lots of money you can put it on you tube. (VERY INEXPENSIVE) Dig.com you can find a story and change it. •The Persuaders oCult Phenomenon-researchers studied cults oLovemarks-more than trademark,youll buy bc you have close connection to it o30-sec ad decline-advertisers worried ppl aren’t responding to ads more(bc of tivo,etc, you can flip through ads) oproduct placement-integreate products into a show(ex coke products) 04:25 04:25...
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  • Edward Bernays, regular news station., regular news segments., oproduct placement­integreate products, o30­sec ad decline­advertisers, trademark,youll buy bc

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