mc2525final - FINAL MC 2525 INDEX: GREEN IS WHATS IN THE...

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FINAL MC 2525 INDEX: GREEN IS WHATS IN THE STUDY GUIDE BLACK IS OTHER STUFF FROM CLASS. AT THE END U CAN SEE I DON’T HAVEYO MUCH EXTRA BECAUSE I DIDN’T WANNA FEEL LIKE TYPING IT (ITS 6AM) GOOD LUCK!!! MC 2525 FINAL STUDY SHEET HISTORY OF ADVERTISING First advertisements were painted on the side of buildings and still visible today. Ex: Omega Oil Reckitt’s Blue 1890 < prominent from = outdoor advertising First advertising agent = Bolney Palmer < buy and sold media [media planners] First advertising character = Uneeda Biscuit (yellow rain slicker) The Penalty of Leadership = early form that referred to as salesmen’s ship in print [conversation w/ reader] 1914 Cease and Desist Order : says you can stop advertising that seemed to be un-factual, dishonest Committee of Public Communication formed to ? (People started to develop bad attitude toward advertisement but to the dishonesty but as the ads supported the war the attitudes became better) Art Deco = ruled advertising style between the two wars. 20s : Advertising drives our economy (prohibition, sexual freedom, economy is good, pushes for womens rights) 30s : Advertising is blamed for Great Depression (wide spread unemployment, economic crisis) ^ Consumer movements formed for people who wanted to learn the truths about products and not trust advertisers WWII = brings patriotic themes (gave us Rosie) - War Advertising Council formed to? 50s USP (unique selling proposition) = Rosser Reeves = find one characteristic about your product and keep reinforcing that one point explaining uniqueness and distinguishability ex: MnM 60s : Creative Revolution: start to see sense of humor, went from authoritive to friendly talk, targets women - Leo Burnett = finding the inherent drama and personifying it (Marbrolla man, Pillsbury Dough Boy) - David Ogilvy = all about brand image advertising - Bill Bernback = VW (considered greatest campaign in ad history) 70s : Attitude toward advertising is good, but turns bad. - National Advertising Review Board = formed to regulate their own industry - = position brands in relation to other products - 80s : Moving out of recession and has more stable feeling of social politics - MTV 81 : first channel gives nothing but music < changed way we think about music (targets small) - Cable gave ability to deliver a variety of TV to all (access & programming) - Cliffhanger : campaign that evolves (ex: Coffee campaing [ran 5 years & references unique coffee]) - Brooke Shields (sex appeal) = Calvin “nothing comes between me and my Calvin 90s : Informercials = creativity that pushes the envelope in taste and selling of products
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- Internet = changes everything b/c ads go viral and guerilla 2000s : Current advertising = consumer driven (ad’s try to have dialogue with consumers) - Generation Y = grew up with the new media technology
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mc2525final - FINAL MC 2525 INDEX: GREEN IS WHATS IN THE...

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