SOCL 2505 EXAM1 - TaylorWright Chapter 1 Public and Private...

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Sociology 2505 Exam 1 Notes Taylor Wright Chapter 1- Public and Private Families Father Knows Best- humorously depicted the daily dilemmas of a middle-class family. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett and Leave it to Beaver launched a new drama: the family situation comedy. Breadwinner-homemaker family- a married couple with children in which the father worked for pay and the mother did not. During the 1950’s During the 1950’s, the average woman gave birth to 3 children and all TV counterparts were headed by married couples. The TV families during the 1950’s did not accurately reflect the trial and ethnic diversity of the nation. By the early 1990’s, one in six TV families were headed by a divorced or separated parent, and one in seven was African American. Also, the vast majority of TV mothers worked outside the home. Over the passed two decades, a political debate about family has emerged: One side is the “marriage movement ”-a loose group of conservative and centrist activists, religious leaders, and social scientists who strengthen the social science of marriage. o Sometimes called traditionalists. They view childrearing as the central purpose of marriage. They charge that parents today are doing a poorer job of bringing up children
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SOCL 2505 EXAM1 - TaylorWright Chapter 1 Public and Private...

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