socl2505review1 - Decline of semiskilled manufacturing jobs...

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SOCL 2505- Exam Review Taylor Wright DEFINITIONS: Public family/private family Berdache Gender/sex Conjugal family/ extended family Homeless families Nonstandard employment True woman/subculture of sisterhood Concerted cultivation/ accumulation of natural growth Transitional mothers Free rider problem Barrios Social class Masculinity studies Breadwinner homemaker family. what would make a family homeless? CONCEPTS Main differences between dif Hispanic groups Functional conflict theory of family Gender socialization Familial mode of production to labor market mode of production Wealth inequality/income inequality Max weber’s theory of social class Symbolic interaction theory of gender
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Unformatted text preview: Decline of semiskilled manufacturing jobs Methods for studying the family African American families Evolutionary psychology theory Hormonal influence of gender Feminist theory of the family Role of grandparents and extended kin Theoretical approaches to gender QUESTIONS TO ANSWER How has the family changed from preindustrial revolution to today? What is marriage on a decline? How does employment of middle class and working class individuals affect socialization of children? How does capitalism contribute to gender ineqality? What are the major differences between families of different social classes? In the past and today?...
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socl2505review1 - Decline of semiskilled manufacturing jobs...

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