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Instruction Set Assignment Assignment 5: Instruction Set Instruction sets are common technical documents for many disciplines and occupations. Employees read instructions to learn how to assemble a product or complete a procedure. Supervisors write out company policies that oftentimes serve as instruction sets. Customers read instructions for using a product. For this assignment, you will develop a set of instructions advising users how to perform a specific task. Before deciding on a task, consider the following guidelines: Choose something you are very familiar with. It can be something related to your field of study (e.g. how to use a particular piece of laboratory equipment), or something related to a more general audience (e.g. how to learn to juggle). Ideally, your audience should be someone who has never performed this task before. Your audience should have a general understanding of the topic area. Choose a task with an appropriate level of difficulty - neither too easy nor too hard to explain in the space allotted. The task may involve a device: assembling it, operating it, or fixing it. Or it may involve some process (e.g., registering using eLion). The process should have discrete parts or steps that are fairly easy to name and refer to. Your task should be explained in at least 3 pages (single-spaced) of written instructions, including visuals. The planning worksheet will ask you to elaborate on your topic. Note that I need to approve all topics (in order to ensure that you have selected a topic of appropriate size and scope). Topics:
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instructionset assignment - Instruction Set Assignment...

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