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lesson2overview - Lesson 2 Analyzing Your Audience and...

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Lesson 2: Analyzing Your Audience and Purpose This lesson amplifies two characteristics of technical communication that you learned about in the previous lesson: technical communication addresses particular readers (audience) and helps readers solve problems (purpose). Understanding audience and purpose is critical to any technical communication task. Thus, the draft worksheet for your Basic Rhetorical Analysis (which you’ll be completing this lesson) asks you to focus on who your document was created for and why. The following overview will help you prepare to think about audience and purpose. Audience analysis, a basic principle of rhetoric for centuries, is considered today by many researchers and teachers to be the bedrock of technical communication. Many students have not thought much about the concept of audience because they have never had to consider it. Almost all of their writing has been directed to a single audience, not to multiple audiences. Typically, that audience has been the instructor. Unlike real audiences, the teacher has almost invariably known more about the subject than
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