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Effective Writing: Technical Writing ENGL (202C) Summer 1 Syllabus Week 1, Lesson 1 Week 1, Lesson 2 Week 2, Lesson 3 Lesson 3 Commentary Lesson 3 PowerPoint Internet Resource Guide Assignment Sample Internet Resource Guide Internet Resource Guide planning worksheet Review Worksheet Week 2, Lesson 4 Week 3, Lesson 5 Week 3, Lesson 6 Week 3, Lesson 7 Week 4, Lesson 8 Week 4, Lesson 9 Week 5, Lesson 10 Week 5, Lesson 11 Week 6, Lesson 12 Week 6, Lesson 13 Week 6, Lesson 14 Lesson 3: Researching Your Subject The previous lesson introduced certain aspects of planning a technical communication document (for example, analyzing your audience and purpose). This lesson continues with the planning process by discussing ways to research your subject. The focus on research will support the second assignment, which asks you to identify, evaluate, and present Internet resources for people in your field. In this way, you will be tying together issues of audience, purpose, research, writing, and document design. The following overview will help you prepare to think about research practices in technical
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lesson3overview - Effective Writing Technical Writing...

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