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PW-4 - motivated what strategies could you use in writing...

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Name: Planning Worksheet: Internet Resource Guide Complete the following questions to help you plan your Internet Resource Guide. I will review your worksheet. The worksheet will be graded as part of your class participation grade. 1. Describe the audience for your guide. Will it be simple and homogenous, or complex and heterogeneous? How might your understanding of audience affect how you write the guide? 2. What problem of your audience might you address by writing the guide? 3. How motivated might your audience be to read the guide? If they’re not
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Unformatted text preview: motivated, what strategies could you use in writing the guide to make them more motivated or to convince them of the importance of the guide? 4. How familiar might your audience be with the material in the guide? What kind of background information or explanation do you need to provide? What might your audience already know or have experience in that you can build on? 5. Under what conditions or circumstances would your audience be using the guide? How might the use context affect the content and organization of the guide?...
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