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Name: Planning Worksheet: Instruction Set 1. What is the topic for your instructions? That is, what tasks will it cover? 2. Who is the audience for this set of instructions? In what context will they be using your instructions? 3. How much experience do they have with the technology, tools and materials needed for your instructions? What will you need to explain to them? 4. If your instructions divide into tasks, list the tasks for which you will provide directions; if your instructions divide into phases, list the phases.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. List the equipment and supplies needed to perform these instructions. 6. Describe the warning, caution, and danger notices you think these instructions will require, if any. 7. Describe the illustrations (drawings, diagrams, schematics, photos) you think you'll need in these instructions. 8. Explain the supplementary information you'll need to include with these instructions (specifically, description, definition, or both)....
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