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Name of reviewer: Name of cover memo author: Review Worksheet for Cover Memos Use the following questions to structure your review. The cover memo is a particularly important part of this assignment because it gives you an opportunity to explain the choices you made in your cover letters and resumes and assists with the overall goal of developing a vocabulary for talking about what you do as a writer. Take your time as you review. Be sure to ask these very review questions of your own package as you draft your final version. 1. How will this memo help the instructor understand the rhetorical choices the writer made in designing the cover letter and resume? 2. Do the job descriptions expand on what is given in the job ad itself? That is,
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Unformatted text preview: rather than cutting and pasting the job ad, does the writer interpret the job ad and what the terms mean for a successful application? 3. How does the audience analysis prove that the writer has done his/her research? That is, what concrete evidence does it use to describe the nature of the position and company? 4. What rationales does the rhetorical analysis section provide for elements such as organization, design and layout, style and tone, and contents for both the resume and the cover letter? 5. Does the memo follow standard formatting conventions for a memo report? Is the memo free from errors in grammar and punctuation?...
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