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Review-Worksheet-10 - adequate support and use coherence...

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Name of reviewer: Name of description author: Review Worksheet for Technical Definition and Description Use the following questions to structure your review. Take your time as you review; work slowly and carefully. Be sure to ask these very review questions of your own description, as you draft your final version. 1. Look at the title of the description. It should be sufficiently precise and informative. How does it achieve this goal? Rewrite the title if it does not achieve this goal. 2. Look at the headings in the description. They should avoid long noun strings, be informative, and guide the reader. Describe how the headings fulfill or fail to fulfill these criteria. Are there places in the document where headings might be added? 3. Are there places in the document where the writer should employ lists? Where and why? 4. Look at paragraph coherence. Paragraphs should begin with a clear topic sentence, have
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Unformatted text preview: adequate support, and use coherence devices (such as transitional words and phrases and repetition of key words). From a reader’s perspective, do you consider the paragraphs to be coherent? Suggest ways to revise paragraphs that are confusing or hard to follow. 5. Judge the overall coherence of the description. In both large and small ways, is the description written in a coherent fashion? Suggest concrete revisions to improve coherence at all levels. 6. Recall that a description is not an instruction set (see note on the assignment sheet). Are there places in the description where the writer shifts into an instructional mode, giving step-by-step instructions for use rather than description of how a process or product works? If such places exist, suggest revisions that turn the instructional text into descriptive text....
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