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Case Study: Critical Thinking; Interpretation of Manufacturing Overhead Rates Kelvin Aerospace, Inc., manufactures parts such as rudder hinges for the aerospace industry. The company uses a job-order costing system with a predetermined plantwide overhead rate based on direct labor-hours. On December 16, 2008, the company's controller made a preliminary estimate of the predetermined overhead rate for the year 2009. The new rate was based on the estimated total manufacturing overhead cost of $3,402,000 and the estimated 63,000 total direct labor-hours for 2009: This new predetermined overhead rate was communicated to top managers in a meeting on December 19. The rate did not cause any comment because it was within a few pennies of the overhead rate that had been used during 2008. One of the subjects discussed at the meeting was a proposal by the production manager to purchase an automated milling machine built by Sunghi Industries. The president of Kelvin Aerospace, Harry Arcany, agreed to meet with the sales representative from Sunghi Industries to discuss the proposal. On the day following the meeting, Mr. Arcany met with Jasmine Chang, Sunghi Industries' sales representative. The following discussion took place: Arcany: Wally, our production manager, asked me to meet with you because he is interested
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Ch2_Case Discussion - Case Study: Critical Thinking;...

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