Chapter13 exercise for multiple choice and true of false

Chapter13 exercise for multiple choice and true of false -...

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Chapter 13 Marketing Channels and Supply Management Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following is not a typical supply chain member? a. reseller b. customer c. intermediary d. intermediary’s creditor (d; Easy) 2. Most producers today sell their goods to _____. a. final users b. final users and marketing members c. intermediaries d. the government at various levels (c; Easy) 3. Distribution channel decisions often involve _____ with other firms. a. short-term commitments b. long-term commitments c. major problems d. financial losses (b; Moderate) 4. Producers benefit from using intermediaries because they _____. a. offer greater efficiency in making goods available to target markets b. operate less expensively c. save a lot of work d. are generally backlogged with orders (a; Easy) 5. In marketing terms, we say that the number of intermediary levels indicates the _____ of a channel. a. depth b. complexity c. involvement d. length (d; Easy)
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6. As a producer of goods, you would be concerned that a greater number of channel levels means _____ and greater channel complexity. a. less profit b. less control c. more potential ideas d. all of the above (b; moderate) 7. An advantage of a vertical marketing system (VMS) is that it acts as a _____ system. a. unified b. more efficient c. modern d. customer-driven (a; Challenging) 8. What are the three major types of vertical marketing systems? a. corporate, contractual, chain b. contractual, corporate, independent c. corporate, contractual, administered d. administered, independent, franchised (c; Moderate) 9. The most common type of contractual agreement in business is the _____. a.
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Chapter13 exercise for multiple choice and true of false -...

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