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1-Explain the operational principle of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy . 2-Explain the p and n types semiconductors. 3- Explain the drift and diffuse process in a p-n junction with related equations. 4- Give a brife definiation for the intrinsic Fermi Level in a pn junction. 5- Explaine the zero, forward and reverse bias in a pn junction. 6- Explaine the junction breakdown or reverse breakdown in a pn junction. 7-What is the ideal diode ? Explaine. 8-What is the depletion capacitance in a pn junction? Explaine with related equations. 9-Show the electromagnetic spectrum with respect to the wave length 10- Explaine the interaction of the light with solid.
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Unformatted text preview: 11- What is the reflection and refraction of the light ? Explaine with related equations. 12- Explaine the photoconductivity. 13- Explaine the energy dependence of the Fermi Function when a)T=0 K, b)T > 0 K. 14- Explaine the energy levels of hydrogen atoms. 15- How can you defined the band gap of a semiconducting material by using the some optical parameters ? 16- Describe the direct and indirect transition. 17-Explaine types of x-ray radiation. 18- Explaine x-ray diffraction methods. 19- Describe the Compton scattering and drive the scattering formula 20-Explaine the operational principle of the x-ray tübe....
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