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problem 6.9 - business it is all about location. Next the...

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There are so many different things that would be a good idea to include in an annual report that would make it perfect for any stockholders eyes. The first thing any stockholder wants to read about is goals. All stock holders care about is how a company is doing because they have invested money and time into the company. So it would be a good idea for R.E.C. Inc. to us the first two or three pages of their report to show the stockholders any kind of new developments that have occurred with in the company for the year, it should also include the any goals that have been accomplished as well as goals that have not been accomplished with a detailed explanation of why and what they are going to do to accomplish those goals the following year. Another thing that they should include is any kind of change in conditions the company may have had for the year. All stockholders want to know about the sales and marketing of the company they invest in so it is important to let them know where they are making all there money from. Like people say when it comes to
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Unformatted text preview: business it is all about location. Next the report should at least contain the last five years worth of financial figures for the company. This will help the stockholders see where the company may have been doing well and where they have not been do so well. The report should also all the financial statements for that year because the numbers is what it is all about to begin with. Budgeting is always important for any company so by looking at the financial statements it will allow the company and the stockholders to come up with some kind of budget to go by for the next year. I also think it would be wise to include any information that the company can find on its main competitors so that they can show the stockholders what they are up against. This would allow them to where their company stands in regards to other companies surrounding them and the stockholders can decide what they need to do to make their company number one....
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