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letter - Hey Bonnie How are you Gosh it has been so long...

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Hey Bonnie, How are you? Gosh, it has been so long since I have seen you. What are you doing these days? Just last week you popped into my head because I started going to school and just started remembering all those fun times we used to have. Accept this school is a lot different than any other school we have been in. It is called the University of Phoenix and is an online school. That’s right you read correctly I said online. I know you are laughing right now but it is so much better than sitting in a classroom all day especially with having to go to work and taking care of the kids. There are about twenty students per class and they are from all over the country. See all I do is go to the university’s ecampus web page for students and faculty and then I log in with my name and password. When the page loads up it takes you to the main page that shows what classes you are in. When I select which class I want to work on it will take me to that class’s materials page. It is so easy to navigate with the tabs at the top of the page to tell you
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