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survival guide - Axia College of the University of Phoenix...

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Axia College of the University of Phoenix Survival Guide Using Axia’s Educational Resources The best way to get ahead in your classes is to use all the resources made available to you by Axia’s website. There are numerous resources right at your finger tips like the University’s’ Library link, the materials and discussion sections of your main classroom, the center for writing elements, and the student workshops and much more located under the programs tab in your classroom’s main page. The resource you will find yourself using the most is the main classroom. Here you will have full access to all of your reading materials and resources provided by the University for each Weeks Required Work. You will also have access to the discussion room which allows you to either chat with your classmates or personally with your instructor using your individual forum. You will also use this section to answer your discussion questions to calculate your participation and attendance for each class. When it comes to completing assignments it is very useful to use the University library to help do any research you may need to complete your assignments. The center for writing elements also referred to as the CWE is used to help follow the academic honesty code which I will discuss shortly. Also if you ever want to brush up on some basic skills you have full access to a wide variety of different workshops provided by Axia’s programs. It is beneficial to take advantage of all the resources available to you because it will help your expierence with Axia college work out more smoothly.
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