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State of Jefferson Paper - State of Jefferson Paper...

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State of Jefferson Paper Christina Dargan Bus/415 University of Phoenix May 2, 2011
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In this scenario given the State of Jefferson has passed a statute making it a requirement for all truck or towing trailers to use a specific type of truck hitch in order to travel through the state. All drivers who refuse to get the type-B hitch installed on their truck or trailer will not be able to drive through the stat instead they must drive around the state. Tanya Trucker is a business owner who is directly affected by this statute because she runs a small trucking business and she feels that this statute is should be overturned do to its costly effect. Therefore Tanya will proceed to file a suit against the state of Jefferson in hopes to keep her business running. The first thing Tanya will have to do is go through the federal court system and file a civil suit against the state of Jefferson. This is because one of the complaints in her suit is that the requirement of the type-B hitch is an “unconstitutional restraint on trade” which is being enforced by the state itself. With this being a constitutional matter the case will have to be heard by not only the state but by Congress, the House of Representatives and the senate. Because Tanya uses her trucking business to conduct commercial trade between states she will have to fight it in the federal courts because it falls under constitutional restraints which can only be overturned by the Congress. I believe that the state of Jefferson has its reasons for making this type of hitch their requirement
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State of Jefferson Paper - State of Jefferson Paper...

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