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Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic American Diversity - H ispanic American Diversity...

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Hispanic American Diversity Any individual who is born in America is considered to be an American no matter what nationality their birth parents are. Puerto Rican Americans fall right into this category even though others commonly label them as Hispanic immigrants. This group makes up 8.6 percent of the Hispanic American population living in the United States. Since 1940, the number of Puerto Rican Americans decreased to less than 33 percent by the year 2000. Women of Puerto Rican decent are required to carry on the customary part of taking care of the family, doing household chores, and preparing meals. The young men on the other hand are encouraged to go out and have lives. They can play sports, socialize with others to find a job, and in turn interact in the local culture to advance their ability to speak the English language. Being capable of speaking the English language smoothly has quite an impact for Puerto Rican Americans when it comes to finding a job. The political participation has improved due to the increase in their population. The Mexican Americans who were born in the U.S. equal to 67% of the whole Hispanic American population. This percentage makes up about 25 million people out of the total 37.5 million Hispanic Americans residing in the United States. Though originally, Hispanic American settlements were located in rural areas of the South Western United States, they have now moved on to metropolitan areas, living as urban dwellers throughout the country. The Mexican Americans are diverse in what they consider their dominant language. 23 percent speak English predominantly, 26 percent are bilingual, and 51 percent keep with tradition and speak Spanish as their first language. (Schaefer, 2006) There are a
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