jesus and mohammed

jesus and mohammed - Two very well known men from religion...

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Two very well known men from religion are Mohammed and Jesus. Jesus comes from the religion of Christianity and Mohammed is related to the Muslim religion. These two men very much real people. They are not just made up people from both religions leaders to give their people faith and belief. According to the Holy Bible of Christianity Jesus was the son of God bore of a Virgin Mary sent to save us all from the flaming pits of hell. And according to the Muslim’s holy text the Qur’an Mohammed was a very real man who broke away from his family to commit himself to his Allah and made completed a hajj to the Holy City of Mecca. The story of both of these men’s lives is a very old one indeed, however their story is not been forgotten. As a matter of fact their story is more wide spread today than it has ever been centuries ago. They are two men of two different religions, but both with the same journey and till this very day their life’s work is still being practiced. Let’s begin with the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ. There are two stories from the bible that claim to state the birth of Jesus. In the New Testament there is actually no mention of a date that records the birth of Jesus. Most Christians and Catholics celebrate his birth on the 25 th of December. In the New Testament they calculate this date by the fact the Luke account states “Sheppard’s were outdoors with
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their flocks” which suggests that this implies a summer or autumn date. However, the climate of Palestine is quite mild and in fact sheep are allowed to forage in December. (Wikipedia) In the Old Testament the prophets suggest that Jesus died on an anniversary of his conception, so the date of his birth was nine months after the date of Good Friday which would be either December 25 th or January 6 th . (Wikipedia) So you can see that both books are not quite sure of when he was born, but they can both prove he was born on earth which means he was a real person. His birth was only the beginning, many to this day are still fathomed that a woman who claims to
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jesus and mohammed - Two very well known men from religion...

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