Islam has many different beliefs

Islam has many different beliefs - so they can take steps...

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Islam has many different beliefs; however it can be summed up to six main beliefs. They can be listed as follows: 1. There is only one true God, 2. All of the prophets are true 3. The belief in judgment day 4. All Holy Scriptures are true 5. The belief in Alla has ruling for everyone 6. Angels do exist. Along with these beliefs Islam has the “Five Pillars.” The five pillars are: 1. The testimony of faith: There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger. 2. The performance of the five obligatory prayers daily: dawn, noon, late afternoon, sunset, and evening, 3. The fasting of the holy month of Ramadan each day from dawn to sunset. 4. The giving of alms to charity 5. Making a pilgrimage to Mecca I believe the way the beliefs and the pillars are connected is because a Muslim must believe and take steps towards their beliefs. Islam is more of a way of life not a religion. This is why they need these five pillars
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Unformatted text preview: so they can take steps towards their beliefs. I think the central beliefs and the Five Pillars of Islam both exist in order for someone to be or become a Muslim. It is hard to say which pillar would be the easiest and hardest because they all take the strength of belief and many people do not have the ability to belief in what they feel is not right in front of them, however if I had to chose I would say that the giving of alms would probably be the easiest. It is very easy to give money away because people do it every day for selfish reasons. I think the hardest of the pillars would most definitely be the pilgrimage to Mecca, because in order to do this you literally have to abandon your life. This is not easy when you have a job, a family, or any other responsibilities....
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