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Modernization - Future of Modernization Paper Christina...

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Future of Modernization Paper Christina Dargan October 3, 2010 SOC 120 Axia College
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Modernization is spread all over the world and is always changing. It is the main reason any society will or will not be able to become industrialized. In the U.S. modernization is lived out to the fullest extent. According to social theorist Peter Ludwig Berger there are four major characteristics of modernization and they are: the decrease in small communities, the expansion of personal choice, an increase in social diversity, and the direction to a set future. In most ways modernization can be a great thing for any country, but it also has its faults just like anything else in this world. It is up to society to decide whether or not they can handle what benefits modernization brings to them. When modernization occurred in the U.S. smaller more traditional communities began to decline. Now at first reading this doesn’t sound as though it is that bad, however if one were to look at the moral values of families today as opposed to families when this country first was developed you will notice a huge difference. Traditions were very big; everybody in a town would have a set role for them to play for example a sheriff, a farmer, a priest. They all had a role in society and they were expected to do their jobs because the town depended on them to keep order. Now a day so many people in our society struggle to figure out where they belong, but back then your place was kind of already set for you by family tradition and you had an identity before you were even born. There are some rural areas that still exist and there are even some communities that still follow this way of life. Take the Amish community for example;
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