fossil fuel dependency and americans

fossil fuel dependency and americans - FOSSIL FUEL...

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America is one country that has become completely dependent on the use of fossil fuels. Just look at everything in your life or around you and ask yourself what you would be able to use if you didn’t have oil, gas, or even coal. The answer is absolutely nothing, without the use of fossil fuels Americans would not be able to survive because they have become so dependent on the things they use these resources for. Over the last decade or more America has put out warnings to try and conserve energy so that we can help build a better tomorrow, but even with that plea the rate of energy usage has only went up rather than down. The biggest problem with that is Americans are using too much energy and our supply of non renewable resources is decreasing faster than anticipated. If something drastic is not done than our biggest fear is that this country will break itself down economically, food supplies will decrease, and this world as we know it will come to an end. Some Americans fear this world will be destroyed by “Armageddon” or “the end of days” as some refer it to, but the reality is we are the ones who are destroying it. Almost all of the natural gases and oil that is brought into America comes from the Middle East. That sentence to anyone should sound completely frightful, especially since terrorists that reside in those countries will stop at nothing to make an attack on our country. Over the last few years our American country has stood up to many different forms of terroristic attacks, but we fail to see that buying oil and gases from these other countries can be just as harmful to us. In my eyes the fact that we still continue to do business with these countries overseas as opposed to digging our own oil well is a serious national security issue. Our need for oil usage and natural gases is all thanks to the industrialization, modernization, and social changes that have occurred in this country. Sure industrializing and modernizing this country has helped us build better lives and jobs for ourselves, but at what cost. If we want our country to remain secure than there really is only two options we have and they are: to stop being so dependent on the use of fossil fuels, or find another way to get them so we don’t need to put our country into harm’s way of foreign countries. Another reason this country is so dependent on the use of fossil fuels is because we are all creatures of habit. Think about it, Americans rely on fuel or in this case oil to be able to transport themselves in cars, buses, planes, and trains, they also use it for the use of electricity and to be able to heat their homes in the cold winter and cool it down in the hot summers. If that is not enough, we even
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fossil fuel dependency and americans - FOSSIL FUEL...

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