Dehydration - Dehydration Christina Dargan May 9, 2010...

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Dehydration Christina Dargan May 9, 2010
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SCI241 Dehydration can cause all kinds of health issues if you do not take care of it. It is defined as an “abnormal loss of water from the body especially from illness or physical exertion.” ( See our bodies need water in order to function and without it slowly over time things start to fall apart. Our bodies are made up of at least 2/3 of water and if you were to not consume any water for two or more days straight you could have sever effects or could cause death. Just like minerals and vitamins water plays an important part in your body and during the course of this essay that is exactly what we are going to discuss. Why is water essential to health maintenance? Every cell in our bodies has a high content of water in it. It is a universal solvent that practically carries out all necessary functions of all the solitary cells in our body. It is needed to help regulate your body temperature, get rid of toxins and wastes in your body, to assist in blood transportation of oxygen and nutrients between all cells, keep body tissue moist like saliva or mucous which lubricate the membranes that line the digestive system, protect brain tissues from damage and shock, and it also helps keep you at a healthy weight. (shapefit) Sometimes if you think you are hungry you should try drinking a glass of water and see if it helps your craving. Just by waking up in the morning and doing your daily routine every day your body will loss almost two to three quarts of water a day. This can occur just by urinating, breathing, sweating, and physical exertion. If you like to exercise or have a high fiber diet your
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Dehydration - Dehydration Christina Dargan May 9, 2010...

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