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Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan Christina Dargan...

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Healthy Eating Plan Christina Dargan April 12, 2010 SCI 241 University of Phoenix Axia College
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As a young twenty-two year old my weight is just to me completely unacceptable. I believe I am around one hundred and thirty pounds overweight and it is just not healthy for me at all. I have thought about getting gastric bypass and I actually have it all set up to be done, but I have to wait for my other appointments first. This procedure requires you to get a psychiatric evaluation, blood test, and a sleep study done prior to the procedure. It also requires that you try to lose a couple pounds before the surgery so I purchased a gym membership to LA Fitness. Losing weight has always been hard for me. I have tried diet plans and excessive exercise, but I have never had too much luck. Lately my eating habits have not been so well. I know it is best to eat six small meals a day as opposed to three whole meals a day so I try to nitpick at things, but usually they are not the best choices of food. On my three day diet analysis I never ate breakfast and ate way too many carbs. I may have had some fruit during the course of the three days, but for the most part I would snack on junk and my diner meals consisted of a bowl of cereal or a cold sandwich. Sometimes I am just too busy to take care of myself, I know it is not an excuse but usually I am too busy rushing to get to work to worry about myself that I just take care of my kids. I know how important nutrition is so I worry more about them then me. Over the last three days my pyramid broke down as follows: Milk- one cup, Meat and Bean Intake- 7.4 oz, Vegetable Intake- 2.1 cups, Fruit Intake- two cups, and Grains- 14.9 ounces. Now this pyramid is way off from what is recommended by the my pyramid plan. The plan suggests that as a twenty two year old female with a height of five feet and seven inches I should consume no more than twenty-four hundred calories a day. This calorie plan would work if I intake eight ounces of grain a day, three cups of vegetables, two cups of fruits, three cups of milk, and six and a half ounces of meat and beans. Also it is recommended that out of the eight ounces of grains I eat four ounces
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Healthy Eating Plan - Healthy Eating Plan Christina Dargan...

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