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protein - To start it off protein is a compound that is...

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To start it off, protein is a compound that is made up of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen and it is put together to form amino acids. Protein plays a huge part in the production on enzymes and hormones. Since protein is an amino acid and amino acids are the main ingredient for hormones they play a significant role. Enzymes are made up of huge protein molecules in order to play their kinetic role of biological reactions. The best way protein assists with immunity is that it helps maintain our body’s growth, muscle mass, and keeps our lungs and heart running healthy. The human body can only create thirteen amino acids out of the twenty two that are needed for our body to function. So if you do not contain enough protein in your body it will cause all kinds of issues that can lead up to death. The protein intake for a child is a lot higher than it is for an adult. Babies need protein in their diet to help them build the strength of their bones and muscles so they can crawl and eventually walk. Adults are already developed
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