Psychology and Health Problems

Psychology and Health Problems - Psychology and Health...

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Psychology and Health Problems Christina Dargan PSY 210 Axia College July 4, 2010
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There are so many ways a person can become sick and it isn’t always because of germs or infections. Sometimes when a person falls ill it can be from something that is in their head or within themselves. When a person gets sick they never think that it could be from things like stress or over working themselves, but instead they jump to the conclusion that they have an infection and need medication when the only medication they probably need is to relax. In psychology there is a model they call the “multi-factorial model.” The model can be used to help prevent or even cure medical issues just by using factors of genetics and lifestyle. The model can also be used to help diagnose and cure patients who may have psychological disorders. The model itself uses many different components to make a diagnosis on the state of a person’s health. These components vary from personality, environment, behavior, stress, biological factors, and genetics. So you can see that the model uses both components a person can and cannot control, which I think makes it a little more accurate with its diagnoses. Let’s start with the biological factors. In the model it explains that just because a person has a bad family history of illness or disease it doesn’t necessarily mean that all persons in that family are destined to get the same illness. Instead those people in that family should look at that history and take it to the next level by finding ways of preventing those genes in their bodies to take ove rand make them ill. In other words, yes if cancer for example runs in your family history than you do carry those same cells in your body, however are they expressing themselves in your body. .No. And they can lie dormant in your body as long as you prevent them from acting out. Taking care of yourself is that first step and if you just think in your head that you are doomed to get it
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Psychology and Health Problems - Psychology and Health...

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