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The Sexual Response System

The Sexual Response System - T he Sexual Response System...

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The Sexual Response System Christina Dargan PSY 210
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Axia College July 18, 2010 There is a lot more to sex than people realize. For some it is just fun and excitement, but little do they know there are a lot of physical and emotional changes that take place when two people are having sex. There is so much that is going on that it actually has its own cycle, which we call the “sexual response cycle.” This cycle not only happens when you are having sexual intercourse with a partner, but it can occur when you are by yourself and masturbating. There are four phases in the cycle and they are excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. Each phase has some similarities and differences when it comes to males and females and throughout this paper we will discuss all of them. There are two main ways to describe the sexual response system and they are “vasocongestion” and “myotonia.” Vasocongestion is basically the time when your genital tissues swell with blood. For men this would cause the erection of their penis, and for women this would cause swelling of the vaginal opening. There can also me swelling in the testes for men, the nipples for both male and female, and in the earlobes for both male and female as well. Myotonia is what we call muscle tension. It occurs in both males and females and may cause spasms in the feet and hands, facial expression, and the orgasm. Vasocongestion usually occurs in the excitement phase. As previously stated before it is what initially causes a male to have an erection. This usually occurs within the first three to eight seconds preceding the beginning of sexual simulation. When a male gets excited
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