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There are three types of parenting styles we talk about in the text. They are authoritative parenting, authoritarian parenting, and permissive parenting. When it comes to authoritative parenting it is like showing that you can control a child without actually being controlling. It is starts with setting rules for the child to follow and then when they are not followed as expected proper punishment is in order. Most of the time authoritative parents will show affection and love to a child, but still expect to be taken seriously. Because of this when a child gets older parents will show encouragement to their child so they will be more dependent on themselves. I think this type of parenting is more so used towards the adolescent stage of life because with all the life changes going on teens will want to become more independent, but at the same time have to live under their parent’s rules. Authoritarian parenting is when a parent is more controlling over a child. They do the same as an
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