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Successful companies have come to realize that having a branding strategy is important in today’s competitive market. Creating a positive perception on how customers view what you are offering is very important. If Larson Inc. can create and execute a new marketing and branding strategy, they can make significant gains in market share. The idea behind our strategy is to establish Larson Inc. as a high quality, technologically advanced battery brand, keeping in mind the state of the global economy. We must also understand how business cycles affect the economic growth. Understanding this growth can be vital to Larson’s Inc. success. Additionally, Larson must remember that the market can determine the
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Unformatted text preview: right and wrong moves for the organization to take and it can completely change based on the current business cycle. The current economic situation may also cause concern, in regards to the credit markets. Although there are numerous factors to consider, Larson Inc. will be able to emerge from the current recession with a stronger global presence, if the right decisions are made. This paper will recommend the appropriate business decisions based on the current recession, and market stability. We will also describe business decisions related to trade, and specialization based on the effects of future global conditions....
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