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Social Loafing Team Project

Social Loafing Team Project - This simply means a person...

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Social loafing is when individuals within a group exert less effort when working as a group verses working independently. Social loafing is hard to prevent, and research has indicated that social loafing occurs in every group. There are many theories that explain why social loafing occurs. Understanding these theories is detrimental when trying to develop a plan to prevent social loafing. Equitable Contribution: Occurs when a team member feels as if his/her effort put forth is greater than teammates. This team member will usually only do the minimum amount of work needed to be performed. Submaximal Goal Setting: Occurs when a team member believes the group has a great plan complete the mission, and is comfortable with the competence of his/her teammates. This individual is isn’t working to his maximum capability. Lessened Contingency between input and outcome:
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Unformatted text preview: This simply means a person believes they can hide amongst the crowd and avoid the consequences of not contributing. • Lack of Evaluation: A person performs less because the group is only being evaluated as a team. • Non-cohesive Group: A group that don’t get along, creates a group that doesn’t care about letting down their teammates. In order to minimize Social Loafing the team leader will have to develop rules of conduct. Establishing rules in the beginning often helps teams achieve their objectives. Next we will ensure that we establish individual accountability by assigning team members task that lead to the completion of the teams goal. This will usually prevent Social Loafing from happening. Additionally, we will implement peer evaluation. Your peer evaluation will be a part of your annual evaluation....
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Social Loafing Team Project - This simply means a person...

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