Team Assignment Wk 2 v2 - FACTORS FOR I D ENT I FY ING AND...

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Unformatted text preview: FACTORS FOR I D ENT I FY ING AND SELECT ING COUNSEL Our primary process used to identify potential lawyers for representation was as follows; we wanted to identify the type of lawyer we needed to handle our contract review. Second we decided to use the internet as a primary source to identify potential candidates within our local area. We find these search engines , and to find law firms that specialized in our arena. Each team member was responsible for identifying three possible law firms for a total of 12 law firms that match the criteria developed by the team. The criteria consisted of Location, price, reputation with the industry, experience level and size of the firm. Down below you will find the definition of our criteria; Location: Since we are located in a t ri-state area (Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland) we had to make the determination if we wanted a local lawyer or one that would be in another state or City . Price: We had to look at a cost analysis to determine the price we could pay for a lawyer. Reputation: We wanted to look at whom they have represented in the past, how they are perceived within the business community as well as their own (AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating) . Experience Level: We wanted to know what percentage of their business was contracting work, how long they have been in existence, how many lawyers the y have and he number of years of experience within the fir m. Size of Firm: We had to determine if we wanted to be represented by a large or small firm. With a large firm we may get less attention and with a small firm we would get more attention....
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Team Assignment Wk 2 v2 - FACTORS FOR I D ENT I FY ING AND...

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